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More Lingerie Football League DRAMA!@!: HemiGirl & LFL QB Krystal Gray In Facebook War Of Words!

HemiGirl and Gray in happier times – training camp.

You guessed it.

The Lingerie Football League war of words between Melissa Anne Teixeira and the league won’t stop.

Now we have a New England (Melissa, A.K.A. HemiGirl) tangling with current New York Majesty QB Krystal Gray (also spelled with an E depending on modeling assignment) in a Facebook war of words between two women who, frankly, should settle this in a chocolate pudding pit.

Gray took to her Facebook page (this is what the world has come to) defending the LFL and her QB abilities after catching wind of yesterday’s Busted Coverage report on HemiGirl resigning without taking a snap.

Well, as you can expect, Ms. Teixeira wasn’t going to take crap off any New York-based QB.


Confused yet? Before being transferred to the New York Majesty.

In an email to BC HQ, HemiGirl had this to say:

Miss Gray seems to think that I myself contacted you by seeking publicity, in which I did not and I know for a fact that you can back me up on it…. in fact I don’t even know how you found my blog at all and that is the honest truth.

That’s right, Ms. Gray. We were actually contacted over the weekend by a BC reader who alerted us to the fact that there was a war of words. Frankly, we would prefer to see both of you in bikinis fighting in a giant martini glass (like in the Poconos) filled with coleslaw, but we can enjoy this fight, too.

Hemi also has some words for the LFL:

There is no credibility on something being dubbed “professional” if they have never played. It is obvious that the league is built on T&A if they turned away all star athletes because they were over dressed. Come on – “professional athletes”?? I think not! There is no athleticism shown when you don’t give them a chance because they are over dressed. But sex sells so more power to them, just don’t sell it on my dime!

Well, that is a first. A bikini model going against the grain to bash a league built on T&A.

Ok, back to the Facebook spat.


Again, that’s right. Melissa never contacted us. We rarely have hot chicks just randomly emailing BC. It’s a dream, but not actually happening at this time.


Ms. Gray


Yes! A YouTube video featuring the throwing abilities like a Pop Warner parent posting highlight videos of his kid.

We’ll ask HemiGirl to make this happen.

Thanks ladies. You are making our week. This is so much fun.


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One more of Ms. Gray



    1. Samantha says:

      Oh hey to everyone who is reading this! To comment on this blog, I just wanted to say I have seen Melissa throw and of course I am going to back her up on her ability. Melissa would be a great girl for a QB position because she CAN throw more than 10 yards. In fact, sometimes when she threw it to me I'd go deeper because, well, she can throw the pigskin. Nothing wrong with that seeing that's how you would get some touchdowns. She is an amazing model, athlete, and all around girl from New England. Go Melissa! ;)

    2. anthony says:

      Now this is awesome! I gotta say that I was there for the NY deal. I
      drove the hemigirl from Boston to New York and it is true, she was
      sick because she was hacking up a lung in my passenger seat which was
      covered in a pile of snotty tissues. And from what I saw when I was
      there in NY taking pictures of them smashing into eac hother, I gotta
      say that this broad Krystal was handed the QB spot before anyone was
      given a fair shot at it. The Hemigirl didn't get a fair shot to prove
      her skills and she def has some cuz i've seen her throw a football,
      and its always a nice tight spiral.

      I took my only time off during the week to go there too! and neither of us was compensated for our time and $ that we spent making it possible for LFL to use my best friend to make themselves look good!

    3. moto says:

      To those interested. I have thrown the football many times with Melissa and I can tell you for a fact she can rip it!!! actually she can probably throw the ball better then the MVP quarterback of the Redskins Mark Rypien who use to throw those lame ducks to the point that John Maiden use to think the ball had been tipped. Anyway
      keep airing it out Melissa!!!

    4. Krystal Gray says:

      HI great article, my name is spelled GRAY all the time. THANKS ~ Krystal Gray

    5. HemiGirl says:

      Oh? I thought it was "Ether Grey" lol

    6. J Koot says:

      @ Krystal:

      I guess the NY Daily News should be corrected.

    7. Dan says:

      I would take Hemigirl on my team anyday over Krystal. She can throw, she's hot, and she doesn't have a freaky pinky toe like Krystal… seems like Krystal's head is gettin too big.. literally.

    8. Krystal Gray says:

      Its funny you say that about my pinky toe, its been an on running joke . I think its funny. ~ Eather ~ GREY ~

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    10. Fitz says:

      Krystal if the LFL had followed through with plans for the New England Euphoria, you would have had a chance to play against Melissa in a real game. As her Coach I can promise you that Melissa and the rest of her teammates would have shown you all the talent needed to soudly defeat you and your teammates. In the short time that we had to work together, Melissa showed a strong arm and an uncanny ability to throw on the run (sprint out). Based on what I have seen of previous games in the Lingerie Bowls this would have a been a more desirable or required skill. Players must remember that if you do not have qualified experience in evaluating someone's talent level or abilities, worry about your own abilities and keep quiet. I have over 30 years coaching, how many do you have?
      With that being said, I wish you the best of luck with your season this year. Have a healthy and productive season and hopefully next year the LFL will follow thru with the NE Euphoria franchise and both teams can have a healthy and physical discussion on the playing field.

    11. Krystal Gray says:

      Fitz, Although I am not hmm over 50 years old ? because you have had about 30 years of coaching exp and Im sure you didnt start while you were one??? I have coached little league teams in the past before , as well as teaching martial arts and boxing. Although you think that you can judge my talent, or my teams talent without ever seeing us play I think thats amazing. You should probably be coaching for the NFL if your that good to know a players ability before ever even seeing them play! How incredible. Ladies and Gents of Busted Coverage we now have the worlds most amazing coach* If you were the New England coach maybe you werent doing such a good job ? Perhaps maybe even the reason NE folded ? I dont know Im not a league official and its not up to me to keep teams running. IT is my job to continue to be the best athlete I can be and although Im not full of myself I will say that I was invited to the JR olympics when i was just 15 & 16 years old. When you have the chance to work with those kind of professionals you let me know , maybe Ill hire you as my personal coach since your so amazaing* That said i hope you enjoy your desk job or whatever it is you do besides comment on players ability to analyze talent : ****************************************************************************************************** Players must remember that if you do not have qualified experience in evaluating someone’s talent level or abilities, worry about your own abilities and keep quiet. I have over 30 years coaching, how many do you have?

    12. lfl says:

      Another unique feature of the league is that each team has only 12 players on their active roster, which means that some players must play both sides and therefore get no rest between offense and defense.

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