Biggest Sports Disaster Of ’09: AVP Cuervo Girls Out, Malibu Rum Girls In


[Malibu (right) credit]

This has to be the most disappointing news of 2009 for Busted Coverage.

The AVP has changed alliances for its beach girls. The world famous Cuervo Girls are out and in come the Malibu Rum chicks.

And from the early 2009 photos, this looks to be a huge disaster.



Now, it’s early. The AVP just got its 2009 season rolling and there are many California stops to be made.

But, what we notice is that the person in charge of picking beach volleyball models isn’t doing a very good job. Men don’t go to these events to see runway chicks.

Malibu tries to explain the partnership:

“Volleyball and Malibu are a natural partnership, given the evocative nature of both in elevating the summer experience,” said Lisa McCann, Senior Brand Manager, Malibu Rum.  “We feel this partnership is perfectly aligned with Malibu’s vibrant and energetic island spirit and is a fantastic opportunity for the brand to engage and sample consumers in a relevant environment,” added McCann.

Yeah, island! Theses women are island. They are too suburban.

Men want blond. Big boobs. Ditzy. Not strippers, but close. Preferably chicks one missed rent payment away from stripping.

What we’re getting from Malibu is not going to fly. We need exotic, dammit.

[Cuervo Girls Actually Work, Blow On Thundersticks]





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    1. Kevin says:

      They are dumb for switching….

    2. Thomas Campe says:

      Kevin Must Be doing one

    3. J Koot says:

      @ Thomas

      Kevin is the no chick getting intern here at BC.

      He's not doing anything.

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