Daily Dump: Danica Patrick Penthouse Twitter, Red Wings Fan Gives The Finger, Liddell Uses HGH?, In Defense Of Mr. T, Bud Girls, Kardashian Sideboob And Jodie Marsh Now Bodybuilder

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Need some bodypaint to get your day going. Plenty here.

Lakers-Orlando sounds just about right. As the NBA wanted.

Not much else going on in the sports world. NHL? ZZZZ…..

Futbol? ZZZZZZZZ…….

We spent time last night getting a good look at this upcoming Blogs With Balls conference to be held in a couple weeks.

Sounds interesting and will be a great chance to see your sports blogging heroes in person. Maybe even get a few autographs.



Today’s Dump:

Danica Patrick’s Penthouse Forum Twitter Post! [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Red Wings fan gives universal ‘f-you’ sign to ref [TotalProSports]

Chuck Liddell accused of using HGH by former friend [CageWriter]

Euros still going crazy over yesterdays Barcelona-Man U. match [Who Ate All The Pies]

In Brazil, futbol fans attack players – at practice [SportsRubbish]

Signs You’re At A Bad NASCAR Themed Wedding [All Left Turns]

Blogger comes to the defense of Mr. T [Rumors and Rants]

An explanation for the Vote For Manny campaign [It’s About The Money, Stupid]

Gallery: Flying Dogs!!! [Holy Taco]

Terminator Salvation – the deleted scene [The Bachelor Guy]

Woman blows up boyfriend’s package with firecracker [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Craving a Bud? How about 100 Bud Girls? [Manofest]

Kardashian sideboob action [CelebSlam]

Underboob showing on this chick thanks to totally trashed wife beater [on205th]

Hot chicks with weird names [Gunaxin]

Natasha Marley – huge boner material [CamelTap]

Mixing Norwegian and Brazilian blood – the results [Uncoached]

Who knew Pakistani models could be this hot? [SaltyMilk]

Capture the flag – with nipples [Blog of Hilarity]

Dream on, pigs – you have no shot with the Hump Day Hotties [Funtasticus]

Bloggers chat it out with a SI swimsuit model [Flisted]

Jodie Marsh goes from stripper to bodybuilder [The Daily Fix]

Emma Stone – we adore your legs [UseMyComputer]