The Infamous Fordham Socialite Ashley Blair In Photo With Melky Cabrera And Robinson Cano

Ashley, next to fish lips and facing camera on the bed.

If you haven’t been following along with the “Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano hang with two chicks” post from over the weekend, you’ve missed the comments section where readers have given us shit for not knowing who the young lady is on the arm of Melky Cabrera.

It took some Fordham grad to email us to say that her name is Ashley Blair and her claim to fame is some stupid crap about being the original Fordham Facebook ‘star.’ Or something retarded like that.

Look, you Fordham geeks, we’re not in NYC. There is a world outside that island.

Anyway, of course she has photos (some sexy and even one with ultra-stud Jesse Palmer!). In other words, she’s a jersey chaser.


Here is what we’ve found on this semi-famous, NYC-based socialite from FUrezHilton:

Who is Ashley Blair? For you younger readers, Miss Blair was the premiere Fordham Lincoln Center Facebook CELEBRITAAAAAY. This girl is legendary. She was famous for dressing scantily and taking pictures in ‘fabulous’ poses. She would go from nightclub to nightclub and document the entire thing.

Sound important to us. Continue, please.

I’m not sure if she knows this, but the entire Rose Hill campus was fascinated with her. Ask any upper classman, they will tell you.

Scratching head….

We keep hearing about crazy photos she is in but can’t seem to find any. Frankly, from what we can see she is a 9 in any Midwestern dive bar and a 7 if she walked into a Columbus bar. Still, for Melky to be in such presence is captivating.

As for the other chick, we’re not wasting our time researching her.

If you are a fan of Ashley and BC, or just Ashley and want to keep her fading celebrity going, send photos to mail@bustedcoverage.com






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    2. loni says:

      Ashley is a walking cliche, she's been photgraphed with a few famous people but that's pretty much it, most of her "crazy stories" are fabricated or involve her giving a blow job to someone who she thought was a celebrity in her nearly comatose state of inebriation…sad but true…actual fact: this girl has delusions of being accepted to law school

    3. friend says:

      Ashley is a very sweet girl. She is a lot of fun but smart as well, she got into Fordham after all. It is extremely unfair to call her delusional, we all have dreams and she's the only girl I know who can give great legal advice. I have no doubt she'll make it to law school if that's what she wants, there is little she can't do. This whole blog is invasive and sexist, a picture isn't worth a thousand words in this case, Ashley is a wonderful person, not some groupie.

    4. britneylover says:

      I had a couple classes with Ash and honestly she helped me with alot of my work and papers, she's got a wicked sense of humor hence the photos but she has morals and is a great girl. This is just mean…and false, it's sad what jealousy can drive people to say. These are real women with real lives, it's disgusting to spin their lives this way.

    5. cokyboo says:

      Ashley is an amazing person, and a very sweet girl who comes from a wonderful hard working family. I lived with her for 2 years in college and she is a lot of fun but also a hard worker. She is incredibly charismatic and talented and I know her unique personality will take her far in the future, no matter what endeavors she chooses to focus her talents toward. If E! news knows anything, they'll hire this girl one day, she fascinates almost everyone who meets her.

      btw, whoever wrote that vicious message above, you clearly never had the privilege of knowing the real miss Blair, either that or you were one of the many jealous posers who gawked at her in the elevator…just sayin'

    6. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up. Speaking of Quilt Shows http://lionrockarchery.com/forum/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=102932

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