Nightcapper: Jimmy Johnson Continues To Pull Hot GILFs

jimmy_johnson7You gotta hand it to Jimmy Johnson. The guy knows how to spend his offseason.

He has that giant boat, lives where it’s always sunny and has a tan that totally attracts the Florida GILFs.

For some reason he brings along Terry Bradshaw for some drunken buffoonery.

[Don Chavez]



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    2. KeysBound says:

      I went down for the grand opening…."WOW"! Holly **** — GILFS eveywhere…call him old but the guy is a magnet. Big Chill — loved it.

    3. KeysBound says:

      One more thing…great vibe at the Chill…Jack Johnson, Steel Pulse, Toots playing in the background. This place is not some b/s franchise concept. This place is "Jimmy".

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