Pool Your Money And Buy Philadelphia Passion Of Lingerie Football League

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Face it, no matter how much you save, how many aluminum cans you pick up off the side of the road, lawns you mow…the dream of owning an NFL team is just that.

But…there might be a better deal out there.

If you buy this team your executive decisions would include hot chicks, lingerie, football and lockerroom celebrations with your team after winning a contest. Or consoling your troops after a tough loss.

According to Jackie Danico of the Philadelphia Passion, you can pony up some dollars and buy the Lingerie Football League team.


Jackie, a running back with nipples poking out, fails to get details on costs from league officials so we don’t have an idea how many bloggers it would take to become partners on our dream.

Just think of going Mark Cuban on this team.

“Um, ladies, we’re going to need to see more skin. Ticket sales are slipping and men are demanding more for their money.”

And the reality series we could put together would be shameless.

Throw these 20 ladies into a house. Give them a fridge full of wine coolers. Trips to the Jersey shore for team building exercises. Cameras capturing the great moments when some punk ass d-lineman takes out her frustration on the offense.

An offensive lineman steps up to defend the quarterback and there happens to be a giant pool of Pat’s Cheesesteak Whiz in the way.

Bodies go flying. Lingerie starts fraying like tree limbs being forced into a wood chipper.


Now we just have to find an investor.

Oh, yeah, by the way the team wants Jon from that stupid show Jon & Kate + 8 to attend their first game this fall.

[Fox 29 – Philadelphia]

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