The Afternoon Dump: Mark Sanchez Likes TD Dances, Real Life Rapper Spencer Pratt, Rollercoaster Reactions, Crazy Dorm Light Show, New Denise Milani Photos, and Jaclyn Is A Keeper

Russian golf hottie Maria

ComCast is dumb, plain and simple. That is why this is late.

Last day being a teenager so of course their has to be stress. Again, Comcast.

I am going to be clueless on what is going to happen in sports since I don’t have internet/cable for an hour-24 hours due to an error. Keep me posted with those links.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Mark Sanchez likes his touchdown dances [Laddy McFaddy]

Never talk during a commercial [NESW Sports]

Spencer Pratt is a real rapper [Sports Crackle Pop]

This day in sports [Vent About Sports]

Why was Travis arrested? [The Sporting Blog]

Have to lover rollercoaster reactions [uncoached]

Crazy dorm light show [Coed]

This years smartest couple [Tasty Booze]

Denise Milani has some new bikini pictures [MoonDog]

Jaclyn is a keeper [Gorilla Mask]



    1. ComcastMark says:

      Hello Kevin,

      I apologize for the trouble. If you are able to send me the phone number on the account, I will have one of my contact s look ingot the problem. Feel free to reply if you are interested in my help.

      Mark Casem
      Comcast Corp.
      National Customer Operations

    2. Princess says:

      Cheers for this exceptional. I was wondering whether you were planning of publishing related posts to this. .Maintain up the superb articles!

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