Lunchtime Lust: Brenda Lynn Sportin' 34DDs
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From The Brenda Lynn File:

Birth Class: ’81

From: Some town in New Jersey

Famous Quote: (ed. note) You really want to hear her speak?

Assets: Boobs that could feed entire baby population in Darfur

Vices: Shopping

Ms. Lynn calls shopping a hobby and from the looks of things your ass better have a huge credit line with American Express.

Oh, and if you aren’t driving a $80k sports car and living in a $3.5mil condo, don’t even think about this chick.

She has “I’ll rip your ass apart in court,” all over her chest.

Proceed with caution. But it’s still fun to look.

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    1. Crazy Oldie says:

      you gotta love gold digging boobage…she is past her prime for that type of attitude and I bet will be waxing poles with her thighs pretty soon…

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