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It’s Preakness Weekend – Time To Get Trashed!


Preakness Valet Service ® Photo Credit

It’s finally here. The weekend East Coast drunks have circled on their calendars months in advance. There’s this horse race called the Preakness at a track called Pimlico in a shitty part of suburban Baltimore where tens of thousands of drunks will converge Saturday to get completely bombed.

And bet on horses that hopefully won’t break a leg.

The Derby was good, but Maryland drunkards have been known to throw a decent party. Pimlico is known on the horse circuit as the biggest party of the Triple Crown. In ’99 a fan went onto the race track and proceeded to punch horses.

Since our Derby coverage was such a huge hit we are back at it again. Get a good look at what to expect at this year’s Preakness by going back in time – via photos you won’t remember snapping.



Preakness Beer Run – Photo Credit


A Preakness brawl with guy in background who doesn’t seem to care



Lots of guys will be pulling for Big Brown



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