The NBA Not Impressed By Melanie Collins Tongue To Butt Photo


Here is the deal for those of you who are here to see sideline princess Melanie Collins from back in her Penn State days: the photo of tongue to rear has been removed.


Because there is heat in New York. You get our drift? Honchos don’t like this sort of thing.

Some douchey NBA (spelling?) middle management guy wastes corporate time looking at Deadspin, finds a link to us and BAM!! right there in his face is the new hire going pseudo tongue-to-ass at some State College six-kegger pregaming back in ’06.

And word goes out on the street. This shit ain’t good for business. Or their plans to make Collins into the next Erin Andrews.


But, as we’ve said, BC is a huge fan. We’ve promoted the Melanie Collins brand since 2008 when not a single blogger even knew who she was.

Now, she’s interviewing NBA superstars.

BC was asked nicely through the grapevine to take down the image. We have. But it’s viral, baby. Ain’t no turning back now.

Here is the thing people need to remember: we all went to school (college for some), did outrageously stupid things (like taking a leak in a closet on some guy’s clothes), got drunk and somehow survived.

Time to loosen up, boys. Sports are entertainment.

[Melanie Collins Isn’t Happy] Intentional Foul

[The Next Erin Andrews: Melanie Collins Was A Bikini Model]

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    1. douche larue says:

      I thought kissing ass is what got her into this mess in the first place…

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    3. no tongue « says:

      […] Busted Coverage is reporting that NBA TV’s Melanie Collins was asked to remove a FaceBook picture of the coed directing her tongue to the ass of another female.  We apologize for taking so long to welcome Melanie to See the story here NBATV Melanie. […]

    4. Nora Tobin says:

      The NBA allows street brawls between owners and mothers but this is what they are worried about?

    5. […] The NBA Not Impressed By Melanie Collins Tongue To Butt Photo (Busted Coverage) […]

    6. FALSE says:

      This is false. This picture is of Melanie Collins making a joking gesture behind her friend bent over during her sophomore year of college. People (deadspin, etc) are reporting that she actually licked something which is far from the truth. I mean how stupid is this?? A photo of a joking gesture from 5 years ago?? Was she not allowed to be a kid once? Believe me when I say the NBA is laughing about this just like Melanie is. Not Melanie OR the NBA cares one bit about some leaked photo of her from back in the day. She is not even close to being fired over this. But go ahead and keep reporting false information if it gives you something to write about and generates some hits! Congratulations Busted Coverage on reaching a whole new level of DOUCHEY (spelling?)!!!!

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