2009 Ohio University Palmer Fest Was A Giant Drunken, Rioting, Mud Wrestling Good Time

Audrey, looking like she’s about to destroy that Bud Light.


That was the chant in one video from the 2009 Ohio University Palmer Fest (held last weekend), formerly a block party that didn’t require riot police and ass kickings from police horses.

The students stoke a street fire with accumulated trash, jump through the blaze and continue the chant.

We’re smitten by their thoughtfulness for the rest of this great country. We Believe!

Anyway, BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor found the “Queen Of Palmerfest.” Audrey is a 2008 high school graduate who decided mud wrestling would be a great way to celebrate life, school, freedom and a sure way to make it onto Busted Coverage.


Audrey, back to us, in that Swine Flu infected cesspool.

If you’ve never spent a drunken weekend in Athens, Ohio, life isn’t really complete.

We’re talking multiple pukings, uninhibited coeds, people passed out in alleys/doorways/bar pisser stalls/etc.

Back in our day Halloween was the weekend to visit. But 10 years and Facebook seems to have made Palmerfest a bigger deal than October. And the weather is better.

You can get nearly naked and slosh around in a mud pit without worrying about frostbite.

The local media had the coverage for all the old people who’d like to have this revelry shutdown.

“Palmer Fest happens every year and year every year, it gets a little crazy and students try to have fun, but some take it a little too far. This year, it was just sad that people threw stuff at horses and going against the cops. It just didn’t seem necessary,” said one Palmer St. resident.

We’d blame all of this on energy drinks mixed with vodka.

Or morons up from West Virgnia for the night.

Now police are using Facebook and Twitter, etc. to find your moronic asses.





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    1. Emma says:

      the e-mail that all of us at OU got about our "disgraceful" conduct pretty much made my day. I wish I'd saved it.

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    4. Audrey (queen of pal says:

      all i have to say is… is that number 1. we were drinking champagne and beer, not vodka and pussy energy drinks. number 2. i did destroy that budlight.. number 3. USA USA :)

      all in all palmerfest was a blast.. and who wrote this article? do i know you?

    5. igrowchronic says:

      we just wanted a campfire to keep us all warm. partyin under the stars needed to set the mood

      ps there were tons of possible applicants for "queen" of palmerfest this year you just had to pick the girl covered in mud? :D

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