Worst MLB First Pitch: Gary Dell'abate Vs. Cincinnati Mayor

Over the weekend,Gary Dell’abate of Howard Stern fame due to his huge choppers and job had the chance to throw out the first pitch at CitiField for the Mets game.

It was bad. Really bad. But could it possibly dethrone the master of horrible, the mayor of Cincinnati (above).

Baba Booey’s toss after the jump.

We’re still taking Mark Mallory in this debate.

Just look at how wide left that throw goes. Almost impossible.

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    1. jody says:

      typical…so typical. Gary can sit back and critique athletes, musicians, politicians every media hit of the moment but the sad reality is even with weeks of prep and without question some kind of trainer he still cant even throw a baseball straight. He could not even get his arm over his shoulder. A fat, know it all sissy who has been revealed for what he truly is. Now I would like to see that 6'-5" shock jock he works for try the same thing. I know it would be even worse. NO ATHLETIC SKILL WHATSOEVER. Does he represent the idle office worker? Truly pathetic….his wife knows what kind of shape he is really in..i feel for her.

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    3. johnny o'dell says:

      Jody, I agree about Gary. He is always trying to play the know it all sports guy. His pitch is worse than the mayors if you include the run out to the mound. He runs like a sissy little nerd. About his 6' 5" boss, I would disagree. Howard Stern would throw a perfect strike. Love him or hate him, he has met every challenge in his life and always came out the winner. Gary "bababooie" has been radio gold for Stern for years. Not because he can produce a radio show, its because he is a doofus with big teeth who they can make fun of.

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