Playboy Miss May A.J. Alexander A Hot Soccer Mom

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Well, well, well. It looks like we’ve got ourselves a hot Playboy mom showdown here at Busted Coverage. Our allegiance in this category of hot chicks used to reside with Ohio mom Beth Fithen. We were even receiving some very nice personal emailed photos.

But that has stopped. And we just might have found a replacement on our Hottest Mom’s List.



Meet Miss May A.J. Alexander the stage name of Evansville, Ind. native Amanda Herrmann who was hand selected by Hef to be next month’s pinup. And, believe it or not, she’s a mom and a housewife. We were stunned.

From a November 2007 interview:

What was it like for you to appear in Playboy Special Edition “Hot Housewives”? Do you have thoughts of becoming a Playboy Playmate?

AJ Alexander: The Hot Housewives was a very unique shoot with milk. Lemme tell yah, it was freezing cold to pour it on myself! I have always wanted to be a Playmate, it’s my key to get out of Indiana! Playboy is so classy as it shows inner and outer beauty. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed to become a future Playmate!!!



Um, note to self, find photos of A.J. Alexander pouring milk on herself. Ms. Alexander began her Playboy dreams on the set of a movie where she played a deaf disc jockey. A friend told her she was perfect for the magazine, reports the Evansville Courier-Press.

Oh, she’s perfect. Good enough to give Mrs. Fithen a run for her soccer mom status.



Hanging with Jillian Grace. Photo by James Trevenen

[A.J. Alexander @ Savvy]

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    1. Danny says:

      Well…I'm off to find the nearest soccer practice…I could learn to like soccer…

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    4. Frank says:

      too bad the chick got the herp a year ago

    5. Kevin says:

      What a beautiful girl

    6. Kevin says:

      Got my vote for PMOY!!!

    7. JB says:


    8. Curtis K says:

      Does anyone know where AJ next booking is? I would love to meet her

    9. Crazy Oldie says:

      damn she is so tiny…I'll split that girl in half…god bless the hot moms out there!

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    12. devious one says:

      This hot soccer mom was screwed out of PMOY honors.

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