Hottest ESPN Employed Mom – Genevieve Chappell!

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There have been multiple versions of Hottest Sideline Reporters, Hottest ESPN Reporters, Would You Tournaments, etc.

But we’ve yet to see a single “Hottest ESPN Employed Mom” competition.

Until now.

And we are going straight to the top. Grade A. If you are employed by ESPN and would like to enter send us some portfolio shots.

Otherwise this contest is officially over.

Meet Genevieve Chappell, the host of ESPN’s Garage Block, a show about muscle cars.


Ms. Chappell (bio here) is married to a hockey playing husband, has managed to give birth and have this amazing body snap back into shape.

We salute her for being a working mother who doesn’t only depend on her husband for shopping money.

This woman actually goes out into the field to shake hands with greasy car geeks and dirt bike riders.

It’s official…Erin Andrews might have to take a back seat to Ms. Chappell.





    1. Bob B says:

      Bite your tongue!!! Andrews is Playboy. Chappell is Hustler all the way…… Not that there's anything wrong with that…..

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    3. Genevieve says:

      Hi Fans –

      A friend of mine just emailed me the link to this post. Thanks for the love J Koot – nice write up!

      As far as the comments – Absolutely no Playboy of Hustler for this girl!
      However, I am on the cover and inside feature of this months (Sept) Hot Rod Deluxe this month (vintage style) and I will be in the December 08 issue of Hot Rod as well.

      Thanks again J Koot!



    4. dawgz says:

      dont be scared to do playboy!! your the hottest milf out there!!

    5. Jim says:

      Hottest host by far on any sports channel regardless of the category! And she sounds inteligent too!

    6. Janel says:

      Genevieve is always so professional and classy I truly look up to her! Can't wait to see her on many more shows!

    7. Corey says:

      Hustler? No way – she's all class! Not that there's anything wrong with Larry Flynt (I admire him as a true free-speech champion). But there is a definite difference between Hustler and other popular, adult periodicals.

      That being said, she straddles the line of *hot* and *MILF* quite nicely, and hasn't had to get naked to achieve some media recognition (sorry guys – I'm just sayin'…). I admire her greatly for it.

      I've seen her on ESPN and she's one of my favorite female correspondents. She is able to hold her own in a "sports" format. Not an easy feat, especially when you're sportin' the looks that Genevieve is. AND, not only does she exude sexiness, she's smart too. A rare combination.

    8. Genevieve says:

      Hello again –

      Thank you for all the emails inquiring about this months Hot Rod Deluxe. I'm sorry many of you are having trouble finding it.

      Here's a link to what the cover looks like.

      PS- I will call guys at Hot Rod to find out if there are still copies of Sept issue on the rack. And when Dec issue will hit the streets : )

      Have a good one!

    9. ray baliton says:

      Genevive- ur da hottest nd sexiest woman alive.

    10. Crazy Oldie says:

      damn those are some big ass guns!

    11. Actually she really knows her stuff, not just a pretty face!

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