American Track Queen: Actual Photos Of Cal’s Allison Stokke Holding Pole Now On Sale


A Coors Light (?) and a douche on her arm. Allison Stokke grows up.

Last year we posted pictures of Allison Stokke that were available for purchase on the Cal track and field photo store.

Then the goons promptly had our site shut down.

And the photos were taken down.

Guess who’s back on the scene? Ms. Stokke – with photos for purchase, again. Act now, pervs. Our favorite is this one. $68 for the poster seems like a great Father’s Day gift. Other options: here, here, and getting double high-five from a coach.


You might remember how we told you back on April 23 that the pole vaulting queen was up for Spike’s Sexiest Athlete award.

Suddenly Allison is embracing the limelight and it’s probably best for all of us.

There are even Facebook photos swirling around that have been posted without Mr. Stokke threatening court action on bloggers.

But maybe the biggest news of all is that Stokke would actually consider being there when presented with the Spike Man Award or whatever the hell they are calling it.

Deadspin is on the case:

I spoke with the PR man for Spike TV and, as it turns out, Allison does know about this. She’s okay with it. And? If she wins…she will show up to the event to claim her prize as “Sexiest Athlete,”Spike TV says.

Honestly, this has to be the biggest coup of the year. Someone at Spike deserves a raise for the brilliant plan to put Stokke up against a foreign table tennis player.

Like anyone is going to vote for her.

[Allison Stokke About To Become Famous Again Thanks To Spike’s Guy’s Choice Awards Contest]


See the rest of Stokke’s latest action here.

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    2. […] American Track Queen: Actual Photos Of Cal's Allison Stokke … May 8, 2009 … A Coors Light (?) and a douche on her arm. Allison Stokke grows up. Last year we posted pictures of … […]

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