From The Couch: Of Course NBA MVP Is Allowed To Break League Dress Code Policy


Like David Stern is going to enforce these rules on the face of the NBA.

(Straight off, LeBron breaking stupid rules during ceremonies for his Kia trophy.)

*It’s back!

The editors don’t have time to dick around with YouTube video mashups that most will never watch. So, we’ve come up with the idea to DVR or actually watch sporting events and bring you screen shots of last night’s action via a camera, from our couches.

Hopefully we’ll have some obscure stuff that wasn’t via national TV channels.

Busted Coverage could use your help on this one. Have a shot from your television that deserves to be seen by the masses?

Take a photo and send it to us. We’ll make you famous.

[HT: Lake Show Life]

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    4. leRon Jamz says:

      lebron violated them again, at this last news conference by wearing the yankees cap.

    5. kieran quinn says:

      ben wallace got to do this too when he was on the bulls. they lifted the headband policy for him so doing something like this for lebron isn't too surprising

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