Daily Dump: Randy Couture Files For Divorce, David Beckham No Longer Top Gay Icon, Cowboys Practice Facility Fails, Sports Idiots At Derby And World’s Hottest Accountant

The intern called this morning and said a Roxanne look alike said no last night.

That damn Bulls-Celtics series is finally over and it’s being called the best first-round series – ever.


That is one to tell the grandchildren.

We also must congratulate Ricky Hatton for lasting into the second round. And the boxing world wonders why no one is watching. Back to MMA for people who enjoy men getting beaten up.



Today’s Dump:

It seems Randy Couture has had enough of his wife, files divorce papers [CagePotato]

David Beckham no longer the total ‘shit’ of gay world, new boy toy arrives [GaySports]

Michael Phelps no longer total ‘shit’ of gay swimming world, new boy to on market [GaySports]

Cowboys practice facility vs. wind: Who you got? [Deadspin]

Just as you imagined, athletes wear stupid suits to Derby [SbB]

Milk, a model, art photography = morning wood [on205th]

This chick is an accountant who’ll be doing our taxes next year [Uncoached]

This chick is Brazilian and you know what that means [Coed]

Still seeking more photos of a hot chick? One more and we’re done [Flisted]

10 Signs You Need To Go On A Diet [Banned In Hollywood]

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    1. joe says:

      yea, it did suck that the fight only went 2 rounds, but hatton did go down at least swinging. It was a spectacular KO, what is the difference between him goin down in the 2nd and chuck liddell gettin dropped in the 1st round of all the mma main events

    2. J Koot says:

      The difference is that the classic boxing matches we all remember go longer than 2 rounds.

      This was supposed to be a classic.

      Very few will remember this one.

    3. joe says:

      Yea I understand that, i never ever will call this a classic fight, other than showing how transcendent the pac man has become, my point was that MMA fans cannot criticize it for only going 2 rounds when many hyped MMA fights have ended similarly

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