Sideline Reporter Fantasies: It’s True…NBA TV’s Melanie Collins And ESPN’s Erin Andrews Workout At Same Gym

Guys, this….is….your….reason….to….join….the…gym.

Two of the hottest sideline reporters God ever created workout, sweat, do those leg opening machine things, hit the same showers, use towels, wear hot outfits, hit the hot tub, get hot in the sauna….at the same gym.

That’s right, Melanie Collins (of NBA TV and Busted Coverage fame) reports, via Facebook, that she uses the same gym as America’s Sweetheart Erin Andrews.

Finally, Facebook is good for something.

This is the exact movie scene we’ve been dreaming of every night for 6 months. Getting on a stationary bike between Melanie and Erin, going for a 10 mile ride and hearing all about how dickish those basketball and baseball players are.

We’re all ears.


That body (far left) doesn’t come from potato chips and Baseball Tonight.

We’re still trying to decipher exactly what Collins means by interesting.

Should we read into that word? Is there bad blood inside the sideline reporter sorority?

Will there be a glutes showdown on the squat rack?

What’s really interesting is that way back on December 22, 2008 we broke news that Collins had signed to work for NBA TV and was coming after Pageviews’ thunder.

The BC headline that day: Erin Andrews Put On Notice, Turner Broadcasting Signs Melanie Collins For NBA On TNT

Um, folks, the world’s are colliding.

Over the next 4.5 months, Collins moves to Atlanta. Andrews already lives there. Collins joins EA’s gym.

Now, BC will go no further with speculation of what gym it might be. The place would be overrun by BC perverts who could stand to lose 30-40 but would look like Johnny Knoxville looking for a spot on the bench press.

If you are looking to bump into EA while visiting the ATL, she gave some hints of where to look back in 2007. This list has probably been updated but is worth trying.

In the meantime our dream of the year has been fulfilled.

Now if only we could figure out if that gym has any towel boy job openings.

[It Looks Like Philadelphia Flyers Scottie Upshall Scored Himself NBA TV WAG Melanie Collins]






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    1. gibbs12 says:

      in the first pic of melanie and 2 friends, the on in the middle is hotter. if she had fake boobs too it'd be easier to notice

    2. J Koot says:

      Yeah, I've been wondering if that friend will ever step forward so we can profile her.

    3. Art McGregor says:

      J Koot,

      The one in the middle is Kayla from Washington State. Obviously I brought her to your attention and we did profile her to a rather pedestrian number of hits. She is smokin' hot.

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    5. D. Cole says:

      there couldn't have been a better addition to NBA TV than Melanie Collins! all we need now is for her to do games instead of features, but I'll take whatever. so here's my list:

      1. Melanie Collins
      2a. Erin Andrews
      2b. Erin Bates

    6. SpellCheck says:

      Work out is two words as a verb you retards!

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    9. pj says:

      that's not ironic. it's coincidental. and if you're working out together at a gym in NYC, there are probably fifteen women who are hotter than both you and erin working out there, as well.

    10. ry says:

      Ironic? No. Coincedence, yes.

    11. psu says:

      Melanie should probably stop mixing business with pleasure if she ever wants to be respected.

      I am a Penn State alum and I know the Mel you are talking about. Her name is Melanie Collins and she is a local sports reporter in the area she also does some modeling, she was recently in the Tempe 12 bikini calendar. I can confirm her relationship with Larry Johnson, and can also confirm that since Larry she has been involved with 3 or 4 football players. I know she wants to become a sports boradcatsster, dating pro athletes is probably not the best move if you want to enter the field but her rep at PSU procedes her.

    12. psu says:

      Melanie replied that she dated LJ a really long time ago and had a real serious boyfriend in college that was on the football team and dated for a few years.

      "I wouldn't make generalizations though. I don't think it matters who sports reporters date in college…look at erin andrews. Dated plenty of athletes in college."

      Seems it isn't the first time she's compared herself to EA.

    13. scott says:

      wow you people are such bullshit artists…dating larry johnson in high school is really relevent isn't it? and then dating matt hahn in college really screams a conflict of interest. (hopefully you catch my sarcasm) and im gonna venture to say that stating you work out at the same gym as erin andrews is most certainly not making a comparison. get your info straight before you start spreading fabrications on the internet…especially you "psu".

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    18. BritR says:

      Melanie NEVER said there was bad blood between her an EA. There isn't. Stop starting drama when it's not needed.

    19. BrittR says:

      I'm embarrassed for Melanie that she even utters Erin Andrew's name. They aren't even in the same league. Erin carries herself with class, a huge difference between them.

    20. BrittR says:

      So here is a tip for Scotties's " girlfriend" Melanie! If you want to be a sucessful "sideline" reporter or " commentator". Dating professional athletes is not acceptable. I hear this girl likes to compare herself to Erin Andrews???? Mel is in a fantasy world if she thinks she is in the same class as Erin. A respectable station such as ESPN would NEVER hire a girl/women who is involved or dating a pro athlete, it's so unprofessional it's unbelievable. If she wants to do random highlights once every month that no one really cares about on that's fine, but if she ever really wants to be taken serious she should should stop dating all these athletes ex. Larry Johnson chiefs, another NFL athlete, 3 different guys from Penn State's football and Upshall! Get real!

    21. topher says:

      EA works out at the LA fitness on Mt Vernon Hwy in Atlanta. I have never seen Melanie there but have seen EA there many times. This gym is in the dunwoody section of Atlanta which is where EA lives.

    22. PSU says:

      You're all a bunch of hating losers. Keep trying to bring Melanie down! Jealousy is a bitch and making up lies and fabricating stories about her is not going to change that you'll never be a tenth of the woman she is! You people are pathetic…and obviously the same losers who post on Scottie Upshall's girlfriend website…because you post the same exact lies! NO LIFE!

    23. Lar says:

      That's funny, Melanie (PSU), because you do the same thing.

    24. […] Melanie Collins Erin Andrews Workout At The Same Gym [Busted Coverage] […]

    25. […] Melanie Collins Erin Andrews Workout At The Same Gym [Busted Coverage] […]

    26. MC says:

      Melanie compared herself to Erin yet again on facebook saying, "I'm just gonna throw it out there I make half a mil a year as a reporter for TNT. I don't need to use anyone for money, being that I make almost as much as scottie anyway. By the time I'm 23 and probably with ESPN, will likely make near a million a year because erin andrews makes a mil. Just saying! Don't think I need any help in the financial department!"

    27. JDub says:

      Ew, how is Scottie Upshall dating this self-absorbed twat? Honestly I am not hating on her because I could walk down the street and see 50 girls that are hotter than her. It's not hard if you live in New York, Chicago, Florida, Toronto, LA, Texas, a lot of other places. maybe not Philly ha.

      If she actually wrote that on her facebook that she makes almost as much as him, that's gross. Even if people are saying that about you – any woman with class would just ignore it, be with her bf and not worry about what people say. But her constant fb updates and shameless self-promotion are further indication that she is waaay too into herself.

    28. BrittanyR says:

      Melanie NEVER posted than bullshit "i make half a mil" on facebook. She does NOT make half a mil. she never said that. Mel is a good person. She did NOTHING wrong. All's she meant was how it's cool she works at the same gym as EA. She then went on to say, after all this BS was posted on bustedcoverage, that she has the utmost respect for Erin Andrews. Leave the girl alone seriously. If she wants to date an athlete then let her. Why does it bother you if it's not your life? Jesus people, grow the fuck up

    29. EAL says:

      Funny, EA probably doesn't even know who this Melanie chick is.

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