The Afternoon Dump: Teebows In Style, Some Sports History, Crabtree Got Screwed, Four First Names Isn’t Enough, Hardcore Yao Ming Fans, International Pillow Fight, and Boxing Ragina

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Tianna wants you to join her.

Weather today sucked, cloudy and of on rain.

Learned that I will be graduating on time although I switched majors twice, best news all day.

Mariners play a double header today against the White Sox. Sucks for the players but good for the fans to watch two baseball games back to back.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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He trips and still makes it, have to love the Lakers . . . or not [Bettor Fan]

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Dushku still wants to be around [on 205th]

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The less clothes she wears then the better it gets [Gorilla Mask]