Nightcapper: Kentucky Derby Horse Musket Man Likes A Cold Guiness After Practice

After learning that Kentucky Derby entrant Musket Man drinks a beer after training sessions it was an easy choice to go with this horse to win this Saturday.

His trainer reports the beer…

“…mellows him out I hope. Nah, it gives him a good appetite. They say a Guinness a day is good for you. So far it’s worked.”

This horse has already won twice this year. Mark it down, Musket Man’s in the money and gets a cold one afterwards.

[Slanch Report]

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    1. […] Expect a Guinness brand on the back of this horse by the time of the Kentucky Derby.  I’m actually a little surprised that horse racing hasn’t gone the way of NASCAR with endorsements all over the horses and jockeys.  You could paint them on their asses or something.  The horses’ asses.  Maybe the jockeys’ asses too.  But you probably wouldn’t have to paint their asses, you could just put the ads on their shorts.  Jack Daniels and Poker Stars would jump at this.  And I want part of the cut, dammit.  Where was I going with this?  Beer drinking horses?  yeah. <bustedcoverage> […]

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