Mark Sanchez At Lakers Game With USC Track Star And Beer Bong Specialist Jennifer Mueller

[Photo Credit: Inside SoCal]

Normally this would be an innocent photo.

Mark “Dirty” Sanchez takes a young, impressionable USC coed to a Lakers playoff game.

Maybe a nice dinner, drinks, small talk, etc. You get the picture.

Then our ‘SC readers took notice of the name of Dirty’s date.

Jennifer Mueller. Thee Ms. Mueller who became famous on Busted Coverage as the hot USC track athlete who happens to know how to handle a beer bong.


Mueller became a BC favorite back in July of 2008 after we found some track photos and other shots that validated that she was football player worthy.

It looks like she hit the jackpot by landing a Top 10 pick in this weekend’s draft.

Good for her. A girl has to eat. Have fancy jewelry. And be able to shop.



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    1. pimp says:

      I hope this chick isnt mark's girlfriend. If he really is proud to be hispanic…then he should be with a hispanic chick…not some blonde ho.

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    5. 6 foot 7 says:

      Sanchez has seen how it is done from his boy Leinhart. He will bang what he can until he gets paid and then tell the track chick to run the fuck off while he is pulling real NFL caliber tail.

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    7. tawkissus says:

      Hot chick. Douchebag Dude. But is her nose broken? Cause it kinda looks it. Jus' wonderin'. :)

    8. anastasia says:

      you guys don't know what you're talking about. jennifer is beautiful inside and out and she is the farthest thing possible from a ho. im sorry all of you guys are jealous of her but get over it and get a life

    9. Cate says:

      Come on, she is very, very pretty but I get the feeling he plays the field….

    10. GIGI CONGO says:


    11. anastasia says:

      you go gigi congo!!!!!!!!!!! damn straight she is fabulous. every bitch ass out there that wants to judge on what they definitely do not know should first attempt to get into usc and….what….what was that…the freaking university of southern california track team. yep. thats what i thought.

    12. GIGI CONGO says:

      J-E-N-N .. JENN JENN JENN!!!!!!!

    13. DrewM says:

      Didn't Dirty Sanchez spend time in jail for rape? Is this white girl a brain dead retard? She must just be a golddigging ho.

    14. lbc35 says:

      i know a chick sanchez fucked a few weeks ago and her name sure aint mueller. if mueller thinks she the only bitch sanchez be fucking she is one dumb mofo. she dont care though.

    15. Jbk says:

      lbc35, I doubt that you would know someone who Mark Sanchez would even deem worthy enough to wash his jockstrap everyday, let alone "fuck".

      Judging by your impressive ability to slaughter the English language with your usage of articulate words such as "aint" "bitch" and "mofo" and your stellar grammar including the phrase "she don't care" (incorrect verb tense), you probably hang out with people and "chicks" that resemble cavemen — no one who would have any idea who Mark Sanchez is dating.

      Why don't you stick to your guns and talk about the trailer park you grew up in with your buddies from the Geico commercials… instead of football player's girlfriends.

    16. princess motifa says:

      i'm happy that my only excuse that followed me to this website is because some uneducated high school drop out posted a blog about my dear friend jennifer, but my deepest concern goes out to every one who reads this website for good pleasure and interest. i'm sorry if your parents neglected you as children and you have no other way to get peoples attention other than sitting behind a computer and rediculing someone you never met before, or someone who would never waste their time on you because CLEARLY you're a LOSER! i also apologize if your obscene behavior is the result of finding your ex-boyfriend & best friend of 13 years fucking in your bed. unless you walked into your boyfriend's room and caught him jerking off to jenn's picture, i don't know what else would possess you come on this site and try to destroy someone else's reputation. get a life.

    17. Lanique says:

      Jen Mueller is not the only USC track chick Dirty Sanchez has hooked up with. Ask around and you will see who Dirty has done on the track team. Jen already has a reputation around the football players as a jersey chaser and Dirty will replace her with an NFL jersey chaser as soon as he gets the chance. Jen is no saint that is FOR SURE.

    18. Robin says:

      Hot white chick + FUGLY Latino football guy with criminal past = Cleat chasing gold-digger

    19. LBjim says:

      Good for Mark and Jen. They look good together. God Bless them.I think alot of you people here are just jealous of their hooking up. Mark is a class young man that has had a little drama in his past but he has owned up to it, let the young man be. If I was him I'd be hooking up with a hot SC co-ed too.GO Mark!!!

    20. Cass says:

      Jenn Mueller is a jersey chaser who has been through several USC football players. Fact.

    21. your not cass says:

      um your gay as fuck you must not know her because she hasn't been through any football players. mark is the first one who she has dated so you dont know what youre talking about. im sorry that are you are so jealous of her you want to shit your pants but your pathetic

    22. monica lewinsky says:

      i know jen and she has the cutest golden retriever in the world.

    23. concern says:

      Mark Sanchez is now dating a 21 year old girl from LA who has a promise ring from him. Why is he keeping her secret?

    24. NYC says:

      Reading these comments makes me laugh hope this dirty aint as big of a douche bag as ya'll making him seem. He's been dating a girl I know she's dope and a real sweetheart I hope he ain't out there playin the field

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