Your Very First New Yankee Stadium Girl Vs. Girl Fight & Jeter Guy Throws Fan Down 10 Rows

newstadiumfirstfightWell, this didn’t take long.

Yesterday, the Yanks had their very first Jeffrey Maier moment.

And Saturday marked the very first “ATM Stadium Girl Vs. Girl Drunk Tongue Lashing.”

Oh, and then some Jeter Fan dude threw another fan down 10 rows of steps. Then it was on.

Video evidence after the jump.

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    1. joe says:

      I feel bad for the little kid who had to get booted cus his mom was being a dumb cunt, what a memory for ur first game at yankee stadium

    2. mantle7 says:

      ahhha sick fight…anyone see that the bronx is burning is now airing on sundays at 9pm on msg (http://www.msg.com/summerof77/). pretty cool now cuz they got interviews after the show from reggie jackson and bucky dent and others from the 77' season. bet they saw some great fights in the crowd lol.

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