BREAKING! 2009 USC Song Girls Swim With Mike Bikini Photos To Peruse


[Click photos to enlarge and be impressed]

We warned you guys yesterday that the Song Girls would be attending the annual Swim With Mike charity fundraiser.

And it happend.

And now there are photos.

And you are going to like them.


It’s the day all bloggers and USC football recruits look forward to.

One group gets to rack up page views while the other gets to jump in a pool with young, impressionable Song Girls.

This has to be the greatest recruiting tool in college football.

“Look, son, have you ever wanted to swim with the most recognized cheerleading units in college football?”

“That’s right, they’ll actually talk to you and let you flirt with them without pressing charges.”

We’re not positive but rumors on the streets says that Lane Kiffin has taken notice to this form of recruiting and it could be possible in Knoxville – soon.


There is Lindsey, made Internet famous by Busted Coverage.


















    1. ringo says:

      Wait a minute. There's a picture of one jumping in the pool wearing her white song girl outfit, yet no pictures of what she and her white song girl outfit looked like AFTER jumping in?

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    12. Dan says:

      Yawn. Expected better.

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    21. FrankyV says:

      Hey, if you want to see some real hot girls in bikinis check out SullenTV's:

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    23. It's any wonder why USC has such a amazing football team year after year…who wouldn't want to play there! Good luck trying to find another team with this many hot babes! Oregon is starting to come along, but without a doubt the Trojans rule the cheerleader battle

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