Headlines: Bloggers Discover Natalie Gulbis Of Indian Tennis Ranks

IND1129A.JPGNever heard of Sania Mirza? Same here.

But as we learned just a few minutes ago, she is some Indian tennis player that billions of Slumdogs would love to get to know.

We probably wouldn’t have linked to this post but the bloggers were pop cultured enough to work Talking Heads lyrics into the mix.

We sense Maxim India could be right around the corner for Ms. Sania.

[Sportress Of Blogitude]



    1. 6 foot 7 says:

      I don't like Indian Food at all, but in the famous words of an old friend Hirokee—"I want to munch that box".

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    3. […] Bloggers Discover Natalie Gulbis Of Indian Tennis […]

    4. Frreeze says:

      Спасибо, статья помогла! Подпишуська на ленту!

    5. Moneyki says:

      Согласен с автором, все верно написал!

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