University Of Maryland Playboy Girls Of ACC Hopeful Brings Mom Along For Tryout

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The pre-interview before getting naked with mom in room.

There are moments of bonding in the child-parent relationship.

Dad gets son drunk at 15.

Mom explains birds and bees to 13-year-old daughter.

Dad buys son first issue of Playboy at 16.

Mom accompanies daughter to Playboy tryout for Girls of ACC issue.


Unidentified Maryland student minus her mom.

This is what being a parent is all about. Being there for your children even if they are taking off clothes for men who’ll hang your daughter’s photo in their dorm toilet stall.

There was University of Maryland’s Carrie Russell (top)  last week – with mom – to test shoot for the Girls of the ACC issue that Playboy will release in the fall.

“She’s such a beautiful girl. There’s no holding her back and I’m not about to. Whatever she wants to do, I’m there for her,” said (mom).


Mom (below) already knows daughter has likely gotten drunk and shown her boobs to an entire fraternity.

Why not get paid to do it?

Now, how much to get mom to show off the snow caps? You know fratties are dying to know such info.

What say you, mom?



Famous University of Maryland Playboy Alum

Tiffany Taylor


Tiffany 1525784687_994cb2413c tiffany-teylor6h

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