Streaking An In-Progress Greyhound Race Not Best Idea

Date Posted: Mar. 22, 2009

Premise Of Video: (from the vlogger) “Some drunk dude on his stag doo dressed as a horse tries to race the dogs gets into a fight with a steward and dog owner who gets nailed by the hare!! Stupidly funny!!!! ”

Climax Of Video: Watch as this moron jumps the fence at some dog race to go streaking – we suppose – with some sort of stupid hat on. Maybe he felt like racing the dogs. Then stick with it until he gets slammed by some track official.

Conclusion: Don’t f@ck with dog racing where there is money involved. You’ll get your ass kicked and possibly run over by some bat-shit crazy greyhound.

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    1. matt says:

      greyhounds are not bat-shit
      they ARE treated like shit and cast aside when they dont win

      why dont you look into a subject before you comment on it douche

    2. […] here, thanks to Busted Coverage, we have an idiot in a funny hat jumping onto a dog track, mid-race, and then getting a beat-down […]

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