Headlines: Baseball Dad Calls "Bullsh!t" After Son Passed Over For Pitching Assignment

handcuffs_2009032006210485_320_240Jerry Leonard Morris won’t stand for his child being disrespected during Spring Training.

The dad got angry last Friday after the boy’s coach moved him to the outfield instead of the pitching mound.

(Dad) said to (coach), “I’m not going to put up with this s—” and, “This is bulls—”

Then dad hit coach in the mouth which led to his arrest. [The Daily Citizen]

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    1. JDVehorn says:

      This is exactly the reason I took all my boys out of T-ball & refuse to put my grandson in it. MORONIC A$$heads like this POS "Dad". The parents at these activities are freaking idiots who ruin the game for everyone involved. I had a coach encouraging me to put my grandson on his soccer team, I said no. The next week I see in the news where there was a violent fist fight at the local soccer field between parents of opposing teams. GIVE ME A BREAK!@! STOP RUINING SPORTS FOR OUR CHILDREN already!!

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