Proof! Dan Patrick Goes Snuggie On Erin Andrews And Sister Kendra At BCS Championship


See, Dan Patrick isn’t one to hold onto images of himself going Dan-Sandwich on the Andrews’ sisters.

Back in January we introduced the blogosphere to images of Kendra Andrews, the little sister to Erin.

Now, for some strange reason (the film got developed?), this image of Dan and the ladies from the luxury box has been uploaded onto the Internets where it will then be processed by the growing list of EA blogs. Everything Erin Andrews.  Erin Andrews Diary. And our favorite, the Erin Andrews Tracker.

Getting back to the Dan-Sandwich, just look at the grip Mr. Pugh has on those two. It looks like he’s about to rip EA’s shoulder off and going nails against blackboard on Kendra.

Entire known Kendra (in color) gallery after the jump.

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    1. stoeten says:

      Hahaha. Love how much lower his hands are in this picture than in the one at SI.

    2. Laddy says:

      can he possibly look any happier?


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