The Afternoon Dump: A-Rod Out for 10 Weeks, ESPN New Magazine Cover, Missle To Rocket, Condom Bandits, Don’t Insert In Penis, A Hot 24 Year Old, Beautiful Women In The World

Sophia Rossi Calls Pat Burrell 'Immature,' Her Huge Breasts Have No CommentSophia Rossi Calls Pat Burrell 'Immature,' Her Huge Breasts Have No Comment
Nightcapper: Michelle Williams Being Naughty Sends Us To BedNightcapper: Michelle Williams Being Naughty Sends Us To Bed


Girl wearing boots with a skirt.

Today’s outfit that doesn’t make sense is boots with skirts. Particularly Uggs. I think it looks dumb, skirts go good with sandals not with boots.

Maybe T.O. will go to Seattle, then the Seahawks would have to good receivers. I am thinking T.O. will go to the Vikings because the Vikings are probably getting desperate. Actually the NFL should make an expansion team in Montana, then T.O. can go there.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A-Rod could miss 10 weeks with hip surgery [NY Daily News]

Troy Aikman Top 10 sports writers [Dallas Basketball]

Tom Brady appears on Entourage [FirstCuts]

The top 10 teams for T.O. [Five Tool Tool]

A sweet looking ESPN cover [The Sporting Blog]

A-Rod might be dating a TV star [Sports Crackle Pop]

Wow, this video is hilarious “I Kissed A Boy” [Brahsome]

People on this airline are getting charged to use the restroom [Late for Mass]

A easy way to make a missle from a model rocket [Tasty Booze]

Chris Brown in court today [Celebslam]

Condoms are being stolen like crazy in the world [Next Round]

The most important thing is to not stick it into your penis [Epic Carnival]

A twenty-four-year-old hot brunnete, Jessica [Coed]

There never seems to be enough hot women in the globe [uncoached]

Laura is back in her bikini [on 205th]

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