Syracuse Basketball Fan Is A Tool.

There are very few venues in college sports where beer is served.

The Carrier Dome in Syracuse is one of those places and students obviously take advantage of the situation.

From the vlogger:

This kid was in the student section during the Syracuse University – Cinncinnati basketball game on March 1, 2009. He obviously had a beer or two during the game, and during one of the tv timeouts this song came on the p.a., and he just had to sing a little. I have to believe that he was going for the dorky look on purpose, which explains why he had the red shorts hiked up to his chest!

That song would be by The Ting Tings.

Here is the obvious reaction to this mess. Lose the faux-hawk, moron. Lose the glasses. Lose the stupid shorts. Lose the stupid antics.

Women don’t think this is funny even if they are laughing. That is nervous laughter, the kind where they never want to sleep with you because they could never take you home to mom and dad.

Get normal. Have a few beers and quit being stupid unless you want to be a career virgin.

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    1. mike says:

      do you think he's in a fraternity? lol.. btw , his friends are real class acts too i think i see a UNC jersey in there and a black-on-black boston hat. jerkoffs.

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