The Afternoon Dump: Houshmandzadeh On Seahawks, Cassel Goes To His Favorite Team, Cricket Doesn’t Make Sense, A Animal Hate Crime, Cops For McNuggets, Watchmen and Futurama

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Girl’s and their belts?

Today’s outfit that makes no sense to me is girls wearing belts on top of shirts or dresses. I actually asked a girl about this the other night and she said “it makes you look skinnier, your wearing a belt on a bigger shirt so it gives you the appearance.” This girl was tiny to begin with so I don’t know why she thought she needed it.

House was not on last night, dumb.

One NCAAB game on last night so that means nothing really happened in sports.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Seahawks just signed T.J. Houshmandzadeh to 5 year contract [Fox Sports]

Steeler’s QB celebrates 27th birthday [Sports Crackle Pop]

Cassel is going to the team that took Brady out for the season, irony [The Sporting Blog]

Can someone explain this game to me? [CricHotLine]

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When their is a MLB strike then this is the sport to go to [Josh Q. Public]

Some people in school are just idiots [Coed]

Lohan wants to switch religions because of her girlfriend [Celebslam]

Don’t use a cat for this [Brahsome]

Call the cops because there are no more McNuggets [Next Round]

Watchmen meets Futurama [on 205th]

How do you say this hotties name; Ji Hye? [uncoached]