Nightcapper: AnnaLynne McCord Really Enjoys A Banana & Makes Us Weep

annalynne_destroys_bananaYou know of AnnaLynne McCord from the new 90210 and now she shall be famous for the photos where she is destroying a banana on the show’s set.

She’s hot. Has banana photos and guys are starting to take notice.

Isn’t this chick about ready to start dating an athlete? [Salty Milk]

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  1. Flip Washington says:

    I must take issue with your assertion that she is hot:

    Look at that gum to tooth ratio . . . yeesh. She looks like a gremlin.

  2. gremlin fan says:

    Jesus, Flip, some of us could care less about gum to tooth ratio.

    Looking at what's waiting for me in bed compared to this chick makes me think bagging a gremlin wouldn't be too bad.

  3. Banana Stunt Double says:

    Ready….willing….and able to be a stunt double any day needed on set of '210.

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