Joba Chamberlain Capable Of Pulling Hot Rockstar Energy Drink Model Types

Her words, not ours.

Remember the Super Bowl ring posed up against cleavage from over the weekend? That would be the above chick pictured with Joba Chamberlain the morning after.

Now, since BC doesn’t need trouble we won’t make any judgments as to what this was the morning after.

All we can do is provide sports fans and Joba groupies with photos of the Yankees’ starting pitcher and Jaime at dinner, horsing around with fellow Yankees and shots of this woman on a bed in her Rockstar Energy Drink costume.

Please keep in mind that these photos are not current. You know how guys are pigs and will keep photos of hot women they’ve been with over the years?

Women do the same with famous athletes.


Here is what we know about this Jaime chick:

She’s 24, parties with plenty of celebrity New York athletes and has been out with Joba a couple of times since he became famous. From our investigation it looks like she’s moved on and is no longer posing for missing-makeup shots.

This advertising model calls Joba the following nicknames:




and our favorite, Bubba-Boo

Here all along we pegged Joba as being some Nebraska ogre incapable of matching up with metropolitan women. You can throw that theory right out the window.

Money and fame do the talking. This guy out on the streets would have little shot with this caliber of woman if he was a bricklayer making $17 an hour.

Put a 98 m.p.h. fastball in that bricklayer’s hand and make him wear a Yankees jersey and you have dating material.





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    1. Bob Ruffolo says:

      Go Joba! Too bad he can't give her a ride home.

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    7. brock22 says:

      Dude the chick is freakin hot as hell! She was a Maxim Hometown Hottie, Why is she hanging out with that loser?

    8. BobsBlitz says:

      That beer shot should help his dui and open bottle court appearance…

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    11. justin says:

      I knew jamie in college and she got around the block. I have heard she slept with the entire mens hockey team at oswego state in upstate ny. So sorry joba, ur by no means hittin somethin fresh. And jamie, it doesn't matter who ur seeing, ur still the same insecure girl who sleeps w people for attention

    12. cheryl says:

      I graduated high school with Jamie. She is a sweet, caring person. Anyone is lucky to have her as a friend, and all this stuff being said about her is a bunch of crap. Why is everyone judging her and saying crap. If you don't truly know her that you shouldn't be passing judgment. You never know it might be you next time being talked about.

    13. Jay says:

      She's an ambulance chasing hoe from upstate NY who just wants to find the next big sports star in NY. Tell her to go back to Youngsville. How come she's no where to be found on Rock Stars Website? The Rock Star Outfit was probably her Halloween Custom

    14. tim says:

      as tough as it is to come across this website and see the pics and comments about jamie i can testify that she is nothing of the sort that these negative comments try to impose..i dated jamie for a year after her relationship with joba..we had an amazing time together and she remains to be one of the greatest girls i have had come into my life..she is a girl from a small town upstate and is trying to find herself in this big city..she is a hard working, very caring young lady so please stop with the insults..its really not fair to write the things written and it sucks to care about her and read them..

    15. Name Withheld says:

      I knew Jamie from a long time ago, she has turned into a beautiful girl. However, everybody makes mistakes and internet pics can be a BIG mistake ….especially since the internet is "forever"….Jamie- word to the wise -someday your future children may come across this article and pics- please be careful , as not everybody is looking out for your best interest ….sometimes living a subtle life without posting it online for all to see is the way to go. Good luck.

    16. blogger$theDay says:

      Wow! After checking out this site and reading all of the comments that you people have been posting, I cannot believe that anyone can judge somebody based upon photos that have been taken with someone that they once dated. It is absolutely absurd that people would leave derogatory comments referring to Jamie. Although, I do not know Jamie all that well I can contest that the times I have been in contact with her she has been nothing but a breath of fresh air. She is an intelligent, bubbly, sweetheart of a girl and everyone lucky enough to be in her presence adores her. Had these photos been taken with a different ex-boyfriend nobody would ever pass judgement on them or on her.
      In response to the previous comment, these photos are not trashy, they are not nude, and there is nothing illegal being done, therefore, Jamie, you should feel no shame in them. They are just pictures of you living your life, enjoying time with those you care about, and keeping that beautiful smile big! You should feel no shame and pay no mind to any derogatory comments being made about you. Those who speak foully of other people are insecure, immature and just plain jealous. You make those around you happy, so, Ms. Jamie, keep that amazing smile and stay that same great, happy girl!!!

    17. dswan45 says:

      Check out these photos from this fashion show she did in A.C….smokinnnnnn


    18. Frreeze says:

      Спасибо, статья помогла! Подпишуська на ленту!

    19. Охотно принимаю.

    20. Kevin says:

      does that chick bartend at the dugout outside of the stadium?

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    22. The Rat Bastard says:

      Don't be fooled. Jamie is a caring, loving and sweet— BONAFIDE groupie.
      To all those guys/gals who are talking shit about her are only jealous that she gets to sleep with BONAFIDE major leaguers.

      Why do you think god made bonafide groupies?

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