Ball State Kickers Doing Well In Chick Department


McGarvey: Reenacting the Greg Oden college dance party photo.

We were cordially introduced this week to Ball State starting kicker Ian McGarvey after his DUI arrest story crossed our Google Alert.

It was your basic bust. Cops get call of suspicious vehicle. They bust ass in hot pursuit and nail the guy who is responsible for tacking on an extra point after Nate Davis throws another bomb.

Yeah, pretty much a non-story. But then we went snooping and found that this Irishman has a cute girlfriend and they don’t mind dressing up. This comes just one month after the backup kicker became a star at With Leather for his pictures with a supposed Abercrombie model.

This begs the question: “Is there another kicking tandem in college football as cool as these two guys.”

Name one.

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    1. TI says:

      Is this a joke? That chick is fat and not hot at all. The backup kicker's chick is pretty hot, but this one isn't at all. Plus, at the end of the day, they are still kickers and won't be invited to the afterparties.

    2. I went to Ball State and I can say that every man who goes to Ball State gets tail. The school is 75% women. It's a nursing and teaching school and the girl/guy ratio is insane. I only went there a year 'cause I barely went to class. My dick was in a girl more than my nose was in a book.

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    4. pLayaaa says:

      damn this dude's girl is hugeeeeeeeeee. at least the back up kicker's girlfriend is fucking hot. she should be modelin for playboy or somethin. i wonder if this dude got a dui because he was tryin to drink away the thought of his gf that he fucks at night. damnnnn. get the other girlfriend on some magazines

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