Yep! Jeff Reed Doing Shots (Photos) Just Hours Before Kicking Towel Dispenser Ass, Getting Arrested


We here at Busted Coverage pride ourselves on adding dialogue to stories that cannot yet be put to bed.

Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dropped a bombshell on the blogosphere with news that Steelers’ kicker Jeff Reed was arrested early Saturday morning for going nuts on a paper towel dispenser at a Sheetz gas station.

BC was out of town on business so we never got the news until last night which sent us into overdrive to find out where Reed had been partying and if there were any photos. He’s been quite busy since winning the Super Bowl, so the theory was that it had to be a bar where the white chicks are ugly and shots cost $1.

It literally took us all of 30 minutes to track down everything not shown to you by Pittsburgh media.


Here is what BC investigators know about Jeff Reed’s drunken Friday night / early Saturday morning:

• Jeff and boys from the Steelers special teams unit were to party at a dive bar in Ebensburg, Pa.

• Jeff and the boys (only one we recognized was, easy ladies, punter Daniel Sepulveda seen below sporting Italia garb) partied at said club. There were clear liquid shots and some garbage that looks like Pepto Bismol that ‘tips’ was shooting.

• Our investigators know that people paid an $8 cover to kick it with the boys.

• The bar where Jeff was pounding shots is about 40 miles from where he went ballistic and was ultimately arrested.

• Jeffy and the crew were nearly 75 miles from Heinz Field.

• ‘Tips’ wore yet another of his ‘cool’ shirts.

• Unknown: His driver.

• Our source for all of this info? The Internet.

jeff-reed-paper-towel-bar-shots-1 jeff-reed-paper-towel-bar-shots-2

jeff-reed-shots-paper-towel-ass-kicking jeff-reed-ass-kicking-shots-douchebag

jeff-reed-devil-eyes-shots-bar daniel_sepulveda-jeff-reed-night-shots

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    1. Frank Murgia says:

      great coverage and photos. one minor error. that is 100% NOT punter Daniel Sepulveda in the Italian garb. but otherwise awesome coverage.

    2. […] Yep! Jeff Reed Doing Shots (Photos) Just Hours Before Kicking Towel Dispenser Ass, Getting Arrested (Busted Coverage) […]

    3. G says:

      Thanks for the pictures and insider info.
      But I agree with the other commenter, that's definitely not Daniel Sepulveda.

    4. j says:

      Yeah, that's certainly not Sepulveda. He's the last guy who'd ever be seen at a party with Jeff Reed.

    5. ok, jeff reed was a douche, but the Castle Pub is NOT a dive bar! It's a very nice place actually! At least until Jeff Reed puked all over it and had sex in the bathroom! He acted like a total jackass pervert that night. Glad I didn't have to pay cover! lol

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    9. […] The report from fans in the stands last night at the Hall of Fame game is that former Steelers kicker Jeff Reed was drunk and acting like a moron in the stands, which ultimately led to the cops escorting him out. We received multiple reports of Jeff being the same Jeff that flamed out of the NFL after incidents like the one where he beat up a paper towel dispenser at a bar. […]

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