This Is Why Jeff Reed Is Fat : A Huge Plate Of Nachos At Pitt-WVU Basketball Game


We’re going to tease this one by opening up this post with Steelers’ kicker Jeff Reed at this week’s Pitt-WVU basketball game sporting his “Let’s Bounce” shirt.

The “This Is Why Jeff Reed Is Fat” photo after the jump.

Leave it to our super flaming photo editor to find photos of the NFL’s most flamboyant kicker wearing such a shirt. When we opened up the email this morning, Big Gay Rich ended it with a few “heeee heeee heee’s.”

Seriously, nothing gets a gay guy’s attention more than another dude with bleached hair and a “Let’s Bounce.” shirt.

But that wasn’t where the fun ended. BGR sent a second email of Reed holding court over a huge plate of greasy, meat covered nachos.

At the end of that email Rich called off sick for the rest of the day.


Then he told Busted Coverage to kiss his two Super Bowl ring owning ass.

Not positive on this one but the office thinking is that the new Pitt basketball arena doesn’t serve beer.

Could Jeff Reed stand for such nonsense? Eating nachos without being able to wash them down with a lager is like Jeff being without his bleach.


Oh, that wasn’t all the fun at The Backyard Brawl. It was also time to once again make fun of West Virginia for imbreeding, not being able to read and write.

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    6. teddysalad says:

      Yeah it seems right to make fun of West Virginians for not being able to read and write while you can't even spell inbreeding right.

    7. Harrer says:

      Yes, as nick said that he best performers can only have survived, by definition. Had they looked at the worst performers, then the results would have most probably included survivorship bias

      Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-best-performin

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