Dana Strokovsky Is Chris Berman's 'Computer Babe'


A piece crossed the Deadspin wire earlier today about an anecedote passed along by a 790 The Ticket (Miami) update anchor.

The anchor, Dana Strokovsky (26), wrote an Internet post earlier this week about her experiences at Super Bowl 42 & 43.

The SB 42 was where Chris Berman stole her heart.

I was sitting in the lobby writing on my computer the first night in Phoenix at about 2 am. He walks in alone, pauses, sees me across the lobby and says, “Computer babe.” And continues on to the elevator.

See, that is just how Boomer rolls. He might be married with children, but that doesn’t prevent him from having a soft spot for 20-something media members who look like Dana.

We get the feeling he likes pretty much anything with a pulse.

In true BC fashion we follow up this story with a full gallery of Berman’s Computer Babe after the jump…

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    1. Rajon says:

      I'm trying to figure out where the term babe comes in…pretty sure that this broad has been around the broadcasting block a couple hundred times…She is the definition of busted coverage…

    2. J Koot says:

      Yeah, the term babe being thrown around by Berman should be taken with a grain of salt.

      He's not exactly discerning when it comes to chicks.

    3. smack says:

      babe from berman apparently is the same as me looking at some egg salad and saying "that doesnt look too rancid"

    4. IFChris says:

      I'm with Rajon on this. Even that Glamour Shots pic isn't working.

    5. […] Dana Strokovsky of 790 The Ticket in Miami wrote about her experiences at Super Bowl 42 and 43. Why is this news? Because she writes about an interaction with ESPN’s […]

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