Daily Dump: Humans Naming Their Kids ESPN, Red Sox Fan’s Nipples Get Hard, Euro WAG Alex Curran, Get To Know Laura Ramsey And Pigs Doing ‘It’

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Our advice of the day courtesy of Mindelicious.

Welcome to Pro Bowl weekend where NFL players hope to avoid a severe sunburn and leaving behind any future children to a Hawaiian honey.

The plan here is to bust out a few posts to keep you guys busy and then get the hell out of the office. It’s going to be in the mid-40s for the first time since December. We’re going to enjoy it and probably have a few drinks along the way.

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Today’s Dump:

Parents actually name their children after WWL [HHR]

Red Sox fan’s nipples just got hard – spring training semi is officially rolling [Big League Stew]

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You’re going to want to know the name Laura Ramsey [on205th]

Believe it, this chick has her B.S. in Criminal Justice [Coed]

Hot chick birthday of the day is Melissa Satta (23) [MoonDogSports]

Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls has something for you [CelebSlam]

Amanda Harrington won’t be in your bed next Saturday night [Flisted]

Who has it worse: blacks or gays [Holy Taco]

16 celebrities these lady bloggers don’t want to see naked [College Candy]

If you like bacon and pigs doing ‘it’ this video is for you [EJB]

14-year-old is your Guitar Hero world record holder [Spike]