Cuff 'Em: Morons Post SB Celebration Photos On Facebook, Jonathan Roy Gets Day In Court, Pot Under Golf Clubs And 50 Tickets In One Day

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Bad Driver

This Guy: 50 tickets in one day.

“Cuff ‘Em” is a daily look at who’s in trouble with the law. It’s our hope to limit this to 5 sports-related morons, but it can be modified at our discretion or if there is a sudden outbreak of superior stupidity.

  • Hey, morons, DON’ PUT INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE ON FACEBOOK! The police, over a doughnut and coffee, look at these new social networking sites. Steelers’ fan is going to find out how stupid it was to post a photo of idiots “lighting a couch on fire.” Full Story.
  • And you thought the U.S. judicial system was backed up. Jonathan Roy (of Patrick’s sperm) will finally have his day in Canadian court in – July. Full Story.

  • Dude, you better find a more strategic spot to hide your pot on the way across Canadian-U.S. borders. Putting it in a bag under your golf clubs isn’t going to get the job done. Busted. Full Story.
  • This parent is a little pissed that his son wasn’t allowed into a basketball game for free. Full Story.
  • NASCAR could use this moron for his driving skills. 50 tickets issued to him in a single day. Full Story.