A Reason To Attend Gasparilla 2009: The Fights

That, BC readers, is a one-punch KO at Gasparilla.

It’s that weekend where Tampa Bay(ians) or whatever they’re called, get drunk, wear a pirate costume and try to end up making out with the chick or dude they came to the party with.

Screw the Super Bowl festivities. This is where the dirty butts of Florida really shine.

To sum up Gasparilla, we turn to the local media for an explanation.

In reality, the Gasparilla parade, which is Spanish for, “There will be cocktails,” has pretty well devolved into a sort of Animal House-on-the-Bay, with increasing legions of tarts-in-waiting exposing themselves for trinkets tossed at them by the pickled pirates.

Check back Monday for all the fight videos BC can find. We’ve never been disappointed.

[Animal House-On-The-Bay: St. Pete Times]

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    1. P says:

      yes its that time of year again. if you are near tampa its a must see. its an event based on a pirate raping and pillaging the area so what can you really expect. its always a good show tho, drunken fights and lots of unecessary police brutality. It was supposed to be last weekend put they figured the tourist couldnt handle all the fun.

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