From The Couch: Billy Donovan & His Snuggie


From Saturday’s ESPN Gameday visit to Knoxville. [Credit]

Welcome to our new feature for 2009, From The Couch.

The editors don’t have time to dick around with YouTube video mashups that most will never watch. So, we’ve come up with the idea to DVR or actually watch sporting events and bring you screen shots of last night’s action via a camera, from our couches.

Hopefully we’ll have some obscure stuff that wasn’t via national TV channels.

Busted Coverage could use your help on this one. Have a shot from your television that deserves to be seen by the masses?

Take a photo and send it to us. We’ll make you famous.

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    1. Billy may wear a snuggie, but nothing beats Corso's merkin!

    2. […] Via Busted Coverage, Tennessee fans appropriated the Snuggie for taunting purposes during ESPN’s College Gameday visit on Saturday. While the wonders of the Snuggie are well known (I was never able to pick up my phone and wear a blanket at the same time – problem solved), it could be on its way to smack down status on college campuses. The Cameron Crazies aren’t as original as they used to be, so nobody should be shocked to see similar Photochopage when the Tar Heels come to town. “Tyler Hansbrough Wears A Snuggie”, with matching Carolina blue color, a logo and maybe a little blood from that one meeting with Gerald Henderson. “Roy Williams Wears A Snuggie”, with a special Alexander Julian plaid print and a Kasas sticker. The possibilities are endless with the 2009 meme of the year. […]

    3. Robby says:

      Thanks for the compliments. . . this sign won me $1000 for missing a halfcourt shot that had I made, would have bagged $17,500. Its amazing what you can think of standing in line for a game.

    4. […] Best Fan Sign of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Season So Far (Busted Coverage) […]

    5. […] Best Fan Sign of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Season So Far (Busted Coverage) […]

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