Daily Dump: Octagon Girl Edith Returns To Ring, Clemson Student Pummels Wake Basketball Player, Dwyane Wade Gave Me STDs, Amii Grove Moves Up WAG Rankings And Adriana Is Foreign


 We know, Stacy, the dress cost us $300 and the IRS wasn’t amused.

Totally vegged out on college basketball yesterday while being dumped on by snow – again. 

Did we learn anything from that huge Saturday? Nah, just that two teams enter and one gets a victory. It’s January. Talk to us in early March when these games actually mean something. 

Totally missed the Shrine Game. We wanted to see how many times the cameras captured Chase Daniels’ family. It’s also fun to find the guy with the most logos on his helmet.

Today will be spent just like every other straight male in this country. A couch, cold beer, new television broadcasting in HD and whatever we can scrounge up from the fridge. 

Pittsburgh-Arizona Super Bowl.

Today’s Dump:

Don’t forget your fake unibrows for today’s game [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

BJ Mullens of OSU hates Michigan, then goes to AA and dominates [BallHype]

Octagon girl Edith was back in the cage last night for UFC [Hot Non Porn]

If you want to relive UFC 93, here is your live blog of the events [CagePotato]

Clemson student section tries to beat some Wake ass [Not Qualified To Comment]

Dwyane Wade gave me STDs, says future ex-wife [Total Pro Sports]

Amii Grove moving up one blogger’s WAG rankings [on205th]

If you need something to do between quarters today, may we suggest…[Coed]

This is a Ukranian beauty unlike those nasty weightlifters [DJ Mick]

Adriana is foreign and knows you are a broke American man [uncoached]

Getting your Doberman to walk up stairs is a major accomplishment [NFL Juice]

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