Say Hello To Your New 2009 USC Song Girls


This photo was sent to us this morning by a random BC visitor.

It seems the big news in L.A. late this week was the revealing of the 2009 USC Song Girls squad.

Let’s get our thoughts on the table and move onto more important items like why the Ole Miss coach isn’t giving it to his pretty hot wife, Kimber.


The 2009 ladies will go to Tahoe later this year.

1. We can’t wait for the blond (back row, L-R, #2) to Swim With Mike.

2. Lindsey is front and center. She’s a Busted Coverage legend.

3. The blonds are outnumbered.

4. We see at least 3-4 that don’t hold up to usual Song Girl standards.

5. BC investigators are efforting MySpace, FaceBook, WebShots, PhotoBucket, Slide, Flickr, Google Images, Twitter, etc. as we speak for news, photos and plenty of useless info on the new ladies.

Stick with Busted Coverage, the Internet’s leading authority on Song Girls trashy gossip.

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    4. T3WeRa says:

      All I want 2 see must 2 enter Some words above those photos

    5. That tune is really brilliant, and I'm not really into that genre! I really love it!

    6. Threet says:

      tarbzon trabzon çiçek peyzaj çiçek sebeti

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