University Of Minnesota Hockey Fan's Haymaker Connects With U. Of North Dakota Guy's Head


University of Minnesota Golden Gopher fan vs. University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux fan as dropped onto YouTube this week.

You cannot mix a bar, booze and hockey fans from these two schools. With little to do throughout a long winter, these freaks will get slammed and think they are dropping the gloves.

Don’t blink. The punch comes right at the beginning.

Once you are done with this one, finish off a rough day with the pole dancing University of Florida supporter.

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    1. I could take them both.

    2. 6 foot 7 says:

      this was a lame fight. maybe they were arguing about which one's woman was more man like.

    3. J Koot says:

      @ 6 foot 7

      Look at how exhausted Minny meathead is from throwing one punch.

      In the Upper Midwest that is a fight.

    4. Barnaby Jones says:

      They call that a bar fight? Please. No bottles getting thrown? No bouncers getting laid out? Former "Road House" bouncer Patrick Swayze could have stopped that fight. Even in his current condition!

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