Brittany Sumrall Johnson Is A Girl's Basketball Coach & English Teacher Who Likes Young Boys, Family Says


Uh, yes, we want it and it’s been too long. You? 

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a 26-year-old girl’s basketball coach who looks like this who just might be a child predator.

Meet Brittany Sumrall Johnson, the Kilbourne (La.) High School girl’s coach who’s racked up a 36-17 record over the last two years but just became more famous as the hot English teacher who has been sending sexually oriented messages to one of her students, says the boy’s parents.

News reports began flowing Wednesday in regards to Brittany Sumrall Johnson, 26, sending one of her eighth grade students questionable messages on MySpace since October.

The reports claim Johnson sent messages asking the 14 year old boy for sex.

Now, being the responsible news organization we are, there was some investigating into a MySpace page for Ms. Johnson.

We weren’t successful but other, more legit, outlets did our dirty work.


We did find the Facebook.

Not yet accepted as a friend. We’ll keep you up to date over the weekend on this request.

So exactly what were in those lurid messages.

Some of the e-mails stated: “And oh my gosh did u look hot! I can’t wait 4 u 2 play varsity (so) we can hook up on the bus on the way home lol!,”; “oh yea and in the closet, I so wanted to grab you and pull u in there and shut that door and take full advantage of you…”; and “has anyone ever told u that u have a fine a— and body?”


Jesus H. She wanted on the bus? This chick is wild and……..married.

Why doesn’t this ever happen to good guys like us? We’re of legal age, don’t mind doing it in moving vehicles and like closets.

Yours or ours. Name a time, Mrs. Johnson.






    1. John says:

      My teachers were old priests so when they said can you stay after class and help me clean the blackboard you ran and ran I tell you. If I had a hot blonde female teacher I would have done much better in school.

    2. Beatski says:

      no 14 year old boy would consider her a child predator, if you know what i mean

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    4. wjh alumni says:

      I grew up with Brittany and I am totally shocked.

    5. J Koot says:


      It's sort of hard to detect this behavior in high school unless she took an 8th grader to prom.

    6. TheGabe says:

      Someone's presumably hacked her account?
      Otherwise fair do's to be honest. If she weren't married she wouldn't be hurting anyone, and as long as the kid consents (which to be fair is quite likely) then s'all good.
      Except for things like her being his teacher and shizz, which is clearly inappropriate like.

    7. WHODAT says:

      Doubt she did this….

    8. wjh alumni2 says:

      I also grew up with her, and would have never thought she would do something like this…innocent until proven guilty! I sure hope she is innocent.

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    10. West Jones Class 00 says:

      I grew up with Brittany too and never in a million years expected this kind of behavior from her. In all honesty Im very proud of the parents of the kid for coming forward, This kind of thing is getting way to common. I know teenage boys may think its cool but no one would want a teacher preying on their child. These re the people we are suppose to trust. I hope she never gets to work at a school or anywhere to do with kids again. She has a beautiful baby boy and from what I hear a wonderful husband. I just hope for her sake, she doesnt loose it all, but who would want to be with a child predator? Thats what she is!

    11. Grew up knowing her says:

      I also grew up knowing her. She always thought she was better than everyone else. I guess you get what you deserve sometimes. You treat people mean growing up and sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass. I guess mommie dear is not holding her head up so high right now jcjc.

    12. what go around comes says:

      What goes around comes around!!! Guess your not thought of so highly now!!! That is absoultely disgusting.. Could U say… Have higher morals!!!!!

    13. shorty says:

      just glad the boy was white this time

    14. reply to shorty says:

      Hahahaha shorty!! you must be from laurel !

    15. sippiguy says:

      that jungle fever must come from all that basketball!

    16. Rani says:

      I personally know Britt and I can definetly say that I don't think she did this!!! Brittany is a beautiful person…inside and out!! I believe she has been the victim of a hacker or someone extremely jealous of her. She is not a vain or "stuck-up" person and I just hope that the TRUTH is exposed soon!!! I seriously doubt that Britt did this….but in the event that this RUMOR is true then lets all try to remember we are NOT perfect but THANK GOD that HE is a merciful and forgiving GOD!!

    17. WJH 2000 grad says:

      Seriously, this is exactly why i moved out of Laurel, MS… Same bull crap all the time. Rumors fly around and people are always jealous of those of us who actually made something of our lives. The ones that say what goes around comes around are just losers just like they were in high school… its people like this that probably got her in trouble in the first place… The "Angry or Jealous" people who don't have any morals at all. They think it is justice to ruin someone's life or perhaps funny. I have known Brittnay and her family ever since i was 6 and know good and dang well that she is innocent. After all is said and done the people that critised her will still be jealous of her accomplishments. I am standing up for her because i believe in her. She is a sweetheart and i hope that everone will see it.

    18. melina says:

      i seriously can't see her doing this. i went to school with her and she just doesn't have it in her to say something like that. LOOK AT THE GRAMMER IN THE TEXT THAT IS QUOTED! she freakin' minored in ENGLISH!!! DON'T YOU THINK IF IT WAS HER, SHE WOULD'VE AT LEAST USED PROPER GRAMMER?! it looks like someone hacked her account. that's what i think. it's ashame that some people who've commented on here are so JEALOUS and INSECURE!!! you guys, she was always nice to people in high school. you should be ashamed to wish bad things on other people. don't hate her because she's pretty and successful. get over it! she is innocent. i know it in my heart. BRITT IF YOU'RE READING THIS-i don't believe you did this. AND the people on here should stop being haters. they obviously didn't know you well enough or they would know this isn't true.

    19. kilbourne parent says:

      It is hard to believe that Brittany said those things because she is an English teacher and an adult; however, the parents of the VICTIM printed them and let some in the community read them so we would know the truth. Mrs. Johnson DID write the messages. No one hacked into her account. For those that defend her, ask yourself, why did the superintendent reprimand her if she did nothing wrong? Do you think the news media would have printed the comments if they were not positive about her guilt? She told several people she wrote the messages, that she thought of the young boy as someone to talk to and not just 14. She wrote him messages all day long a school. Wake up and realize she is guilty of carnal knowledge of a juvinle. Why would she do this? Maybe something from her past? If she were innocent she would have gone on tv and shouted it from the rooftops; instead, she said NOTHING. Don't be so naive as to think this doesnt happen. Read the papers. Watch news reports. No one was jealous of her; infact, everyone liked her. She let a lot of people down and doesnt have the courage to admit to them she did wront. Instead, she has tried to let others take the rap for her. The emails mentioned her father-in law, cleaning the house, eating a the Sonic, and giving her baby a bath. Those comments would NOT be made by a hacker. How do I know all of this? I read them.

    20. Wildman says:

      I dated Britt and I was shocked to hear this. On the other hand she did cheat on me with 3 different guys at basketball camp and there was one bus incident. Not to bash her completly, she was a good person. For those who posted they did not see a problem, say Britt was a guy and the boy was a 14 yr girl. Looks different from that point of view. For those that say that doesn't sound like her, you should have heard or read some of the stuff she said or wrote to me.

    21. reed says:

      yo yo yo chill the fuck out so's she's a whore big deal i me what blonde isnt now a days just found this story didnt know nothin bout it decided to post

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