Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf Gives Out High-Fives At Fiesta Bowl

Update: We’re bumping Rachel to the top of the page because some of you lazy sloths weren’t around last night for our halftime report.

Rachel goes with the white Longhorns shirt, men obviously notice.

Sorry to interrupt your evening but surely you want to know who the hot blond is at the Fiesta Bowl standing next to Colt McCoy’s family.

That is the now famous Rachel Glandorf. Colt’s college beef.

She’s like a Jessica Simpson clone without the recording deal. Broadcasting career, yes.

You might remember her from the bikini photo.

Smartly, early in the first half of the Fiesta, the dude standing in front of her turned to get some high-five action.





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    1. gibbs12 says:

      what a terrible ending last night.

    2. J Koot says:


      It was probably worse than a blowout that we all could have accepted and to a certain extent, expected.

    3. Craig says:

      The people I were with were wondering if that was Colt's girlfriend or sister. Maybe both.

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    6. J Koot says:

      It would be better if it was his legal-aged sister, I suppose.

    7. […] shots of Colt McCoy’s parents, was the presence of McCoy’s girlfriend Rachel Glandorf. Busted Coverage picked up on this as well and put in their two cents. We agree she’s Jessica Simpson-esque, but several clicks […]

    8. Sienna says:

      she doesn't look anything like Jessica Simpson. Just because someone has bleached blonde hair doesn't mean they look like Jessica. Hopefully she won't be a publicity hound like simpson and will be better for colt than Jessica is for Tony Romo.

    9. JON says:

      Wow. If that's the cream of the crop in TX than I am thrilled I am not there. Come out here to CA and you will see that is average. Looks like any girl done up with blonde hair. Listen to her video clips. Damn, if I had to listen to the whiny voice all the time, I would be out real fast. Shoulda came out here to get better Colt. Or wait, nevermind, stay in TX with your weak win against Ohio State cuz USC trounced them!!!

    10. Heath Key says:


    11. I love this song ! It's awesome ! :D

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    14. K says:

      She's not a native Texan. She's from Los Angeles.

    15. JC says:

      If she is going to date an ugly fuck like Colt why wouldn't she at least pick a decent quarterback? That fucker is going to be coaching high school football within 5 years. Maybe some CFL.

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    18. mfryar says:

      I've never read more stupid comments from more intellectually challenged people. I'll leave you all to your stupidfest. Bye…

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