Yet Another Lingerie Football League Power Couple : Playboy’s Melany Lorenzo And Elite XC’s KJ Noons


Big Gay Rich Reports: “Damn, his pecs are just about perfect.”

We’ve been on the trail of Mark C. Dawson for about the last 12 hours.

Dawson is the now famous, pissed off former boyfriend who has the dirty photos of his ex-girlfriend and Lingerie Football League linebacker, Melissa Jo Berry.

Of course we are efforting for those pics. So far he isn’t budging. We’re guessing it would take about $15k to see them since that is what she’s suing for.

Forget all that. Busted Coverage has found another LFL power couple in which the chick has naked photos (more here) and won’t even make you look through HTML page source files to find them.



She plays safety for the San Diego Seduction. No kidding.

Say hello to Melany Lorenzo and KJ Noons.

She’s 100% Venezuelan and he’s a MMA stud who’s latest battles came in Elite XC.

She’s 24, he’s 26. She models and gets naked for a living. He kicks the crap out of guys for cash.

They date and that makes her an American/Venezuelan WAG. Please update your WAG listings right now, fellow bloggers.

The point of this post was to introduce you guys (and ladies) to yet another hot chick who will be invading your life via the Lingerie Football League.

We’re so ready for this LFL to get started. Just think of all the locker scandal that is bound to happen. The ladies haven’t even taken a snap and it’s all BC can concentrate on.



Mel, rear right, with a couple friends in the Grotto.


Leave this one up as your boss walks by. He’ll love it.


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