Trainer Hope Jacoby Treated High School Athlete To Oral Sex, Police Allege


Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad.

That is your daughter’s mug plastered on the Los Angeles Times’ December 25 edition with “sex charges” in the headline.

A little further into the story we find out that 23-year-old Hope Jacoby, an athletic trainer at Tustin High School is being accused of “oral copulation” with a minor.

Looks like one family in the OC didn’t have quite a Merry Christmas.


According to the Urban Dictionary, an “OC” is

1. to insert the male member (penis) into the mouth in order to derive sexual pleasure.
2. the sucking or licking of the female genitalia (vagina) in order to derive sexual plaesure (SIC)

Take it away, sheriffs department,

Sheriff’s deputies were informed of the unlawful acts by someone who saw a text message photograph, Amormino said. The boy was between 14 and 17 years old.

Even the local TV station got in on this sensational story.

Jacoby allegedly had sex with the student at various locations around the county over the past year. Amormino said it’s unknown if any sexual activity took place on the school campus.

Do we really have to go over these rules again with coaches and athletic trainers?

First off, checking IDs is important and what ever happened to keeping the cameras and cellphones out of the sack.

It’s only going to come back to haunt you.

Happy Holidays, Jacoby family.

[Tustin High School athletic trainer arrested on sex charges]

[Hope Jacoby MySpace]

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