Erin Andrews Put On Notice, Turner Broadcasting Signs Melanie Collins For NBA On TNT


This news is going to shake up the world of hot chicks who work professional sports sidelines.

Remember how we introduced you to Melanie Collins (a former Tempe12 bikini model) who was working the Penn State beat for the Big Ten Network?

That was October. It is now December and the meteoric rise of Ms. Collins in the sideline community is unprecedented.

Through extensive research and working our contacts, Busted Coverage has learned that you’ll soon be seeing this former Penn Stater (’08 grad) working for TBS, TNT,, MLB on TBS and even NASCAR.

She is now the property of Turner Broadcasting.

Take that ESPN (but this is a similar path taken by EA).



That is right, Erin Andrews officially has competition in the “Hottest Sideline Reporter” competition.

We’ve learned that MC will have interviews with such luminaries as T.I., Robin Thicke and even Kayne this week. It’s unclear if this will be at some basketball game and really, we don’t even care.

BC is too busy readjusting our “Hottest Sideline Reporter Under 25 List.”

It appears we have a new #1.

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[Creating The 6-Tool Sideline Reporter]

[Melanie Collins Was A Bikini Model]






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    1. D. Cole says:

      now I have a new reason to watch some of those blowouts on TNT. she'll be alright, as long as she doesn't take fashion tips from Craig Sager

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    4. Hurley says:

      Love the website. You guys crack me up. Through extensive research and working our contacts…or just friends on face book I guess
      Keep up the good work

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