University Of Minnesota Playboy Model Missy Tarrington Dabbles In Bikini Ice Fishing

Since we are based here in the Midwest BC likes to keep tabs on our Playboy Ladies of the Big Ten.

Usually these women get naked, sell a few thousand magazines, go back to school and disappear.

Not University of Minnesota grad and Playboy model Missy Tarrington (all of the Big Ten nudes NSFW). Her 15 minutes refuse to end thanks to a new Playboy two-page spread, says yesterday’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Just a few months after six current or former “U” students appeared in the iconic men’s publication, the same six from Minnesota are in newly shot photos in the January/February issue, which has a college theme and is now on sale.

There you go. A gift for father or son.

Or you could get the male in your life Missy’s newest venture – posing in a bikini for a bikini ice fishing calendar.


Take it away, Missy.

We are a group of 8 models who love the outdoors, being healthy and staying active, we ice fish in bikinis in hopes to inspire more women and children to join the fabulous outdoors with us!!

That group of models makes up the Exotica Swimwear’s Bikini Ice Fishing Team.

No shit. Just when you thought you’d seen it all.

Missy isn’t your typical high class hooker-ish looking Playboy model.

I am a Spokes Model and Special Events Director for which is an online store that sells Guide Recommended Gear for Hunting and Fishing!

Her capitalization, not ours.

We only see bigger and better things for this Minnesota grad.

Does Cabela’s have a bikini calendar?


Missy, bottom right, in front of a personal ice fishing craft.


The ladies take to the ice to do some augering.

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